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Slacks Hoagie & Pizza Shack

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Slack's Hoagie & Pizza Shack

Slack's Hoagie & Pizza Shack of Springfield is family owned and operated since 1996. We feature ......



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Sunday - 11am - 8pm

Good Food | Good Wine​

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What People Say

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I attended a luncheon today to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Overbrook Friedlander Program. This luncheon was held at Overbrook School for the Blind and was Catered by Slacks Hoagie & Pizza Shack. The food was delicious with Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Roast Beef, Ham and more! They did a great job! I want to thank the sons of Barbara and Ted for carrying on this tradition as I know your parents are very proud of you!
Sandi Abate Burke
I've been ordering from here on and off for around 3 years now. With the hours I work makes it harder for me to order unless I have off from work. Today I ordered left work sick get there talk to the guys a little and they gave me a free little soup when they found out I wasn't feeling well I tried to say I'm alright but he gave me it anyway. This is amazing to me to see how some people still care enough about customers to go the extra mile to make their day go a little better.
Nick Newman
Be sure to try Slacks pizza. Nurses and Staff at Riddle Hospital raved about how delicious they are.
Cathy DeBarberie
The BEST pizza in Delco! We are loyal Slacks customers and they never disappoint!
Alaina Michele
I have been ordering food from Slacks gor 24 years! Their food is awesome! They catered my son's graduation two years ago and I am contacting them to cater my youngest son's graduation party again this year! Great food, excellent customer service and we love their cater business.
Annette Graham Rorke
Slacks is amazing! Food is great, customer service is awesome and they never disappoint. Through the years we have reached out to them for emergency food trays and they have always come through, going above and beyond to complete your request/needs. Your entire staff is awesome. ❤️ the gibneys
Sandy Gibney